Schiavone Denies Retirement Rumours

June 8, 2016

Francesca Schiavone is one of the first Italian woman players who won a Grand Slam event while playing singles. The lady took her tennis playing skills to the next level in 1998. In addition, she achieved the title of French Open Singles in 2010. Also, she was the runner up for the French Open in the year 2011. Indeed, the player is the only last player in the women’s tournament to have achieved the Grand Slam.

Looking at the achievements and popularity, there was a shocking announcement made recently which was hard to believe. There was a false rumor announced by the Twitter account that this Italian player was taking retirement after the loss to Kristina Mladenovic. It was wrongly done by the Roland Garros account and then Schiavone clarified that she had no plans of retiring as it was not the last match for her. This clarification indeed offered a great sense of relief to all her fans.

Schiavone was quite emotional post the match as the crowd began to applaud her by standing up. The player said she was definitely feeling sad for her loss, but she was spellbound when she saw that the crowd stood up, which was a sign of respect that was shown for this champion.

She felt so thankful and understood the respect that was offered to her. As per Schiavone, it is very important that players should enjoy their match and it has got nothing to do with the age or anything else. The player understood that the crowd was supporting Mladenovic, although it was a bit too strange to have respected the opponent. The crowd was from France and so was her competitor, but it was great to see people clapping for Schiavone with a standing ovation assuming that she was going to retire. This truly shows how respectful she has been as a player.