December 15, 2016

Despite the rumors that female tennis star Francesca schavione was considering retirement over the off season, the player has come out to debunk the news and announce that she’ll continue with the game and feature at the WTA tour spanning through 2017.

The champion of the 2010 French open has proceeded to express great enthusiasm and desire to continue playing the game through the 2017 season. After finishing in the top 20 for the fourth time and the last five years of her career, schavione took to her official Instagram page to spread the news.

“I still feel like I have the desire and enthusiasm to try and do something in what is perhaps the one thing I’m best at, playing tennis. Now don’t start asking me if this will be my last year!!! See you in Australia,” the post read.

She had previously announced that the end of the year 2016 will bring with it her final season, but had apparently begun reconsidering her decision to quit during the last winter. The always cheerful and entertaining Francesca schavione engaged her fans in a colorful journey during the offseason. She had set up a web series asking her followers all over the world to select a suitable career in which she could engage in, with tennis being among the list.

In recent video, the star said:

“Do you know something?, this shirt doesn’t fit me. It’s not the right time to wear it, I like to work outdoors, grab a tool and hit some balls. No more glasses, no more elegant shoes…. I want to go back to my trainers, I need them.

“I love to feel alive, I love to play tennis and this is my present to you, I don’t know for how long, but my present to you in 2017 is for playing tennis and it is a present to myself too.”