Mardy Fish is all set to try out his luck for US Open

July 2, 2014

Mardy Fish seems ahead by one step to qualify for the prestigious U.S. Open championship in Golf. Since the last 6 months, the former number seven in the world has been swinging to and fro, instead of his racquet. At the sectional qualifiers, he bagged an alternative position in the upcoming major, this week, at the TPC Valencia.

Since his last ATP tour in Washington which took place around ten months ago, Fish hasn’t been part of the tour and missed the mark by just two strokes. However he made just through for the alternate position by scoring the payoff hole.

Talking about his game he commented on the official website of the U. S. Open, saying that he is accustomed to such pressure times. However he feels there lays a striking difference between playing golf professionally and facing off someone of a court of tennis. In case of tennis, the situation is much simpler, since either you bag the game or lose it. However as far as golf is concerned, it feels like you are losing, however you actually aren’t.

The former American Tennis star and now golfer made a terrific start; however slipped down gradually and finished by messing up the fifteenth, sixteenth and 17th hole. Talking about his experience when he needs to dominate an opponent during a match of tennis, Fish commented that, all he keeps on asserting himself that he has to work hard for the next 15 to 20 minutes post which he will be celebrating in the locker room with the game in his kitty. However, it is kind of impossible doing that in a game of golf.

If, Fish at all qualifies for the golf U.S Open, he with be the 3rd player to do so post Frank corner and Ellsworth Vines, who competed in both the U.S. Opens.