Can Schiavone Follow Sabatini?

June 23, 2016

Gabriela Sabatini turned 46 years of age recently. Being a former tennis champion from Argentina, she stands associated with wins at the US Open as well as in Rome. If you look at her now, she looks wonderful, even at 46. Born in 1970, she has a freshness about her still.

She faced several successes on the tennis court, amounting to 27 in total. Her first success was in the match she played with Steffi Graf in 1990. She also had memorable wins like the one she gained in New York in the year 1988. She also gained a victory at Wimbledon in the year 1991.

Today she still is a popular figure in Rome. Not only do the Roman people love her beauty, but also her spontaneity that she displayed in her games. There was a piece of news last year about the possibility of a five set match to be played between Gabriela Sabatini and Monica Seles. Most fans will remember how the two had inaugurated an exhibition match in 1990. At that time Gabriela was 20 while Monica was 16 and the match had been held in Buenos Aires.

The two were great rivals on the court and also remained good friends off the court. If you’ve ever wondered ‘how does weather affect tennis?’ you could do worse that listen to Sabatini and Seles talk about that famous match.

The last match they played against each other was in 1996. Today, both are retired, but were set to relive their playing history at the Madison Square Garden.

Those who remember how they played WTA Tour championship game for a grueling three and half hours would have been excited about the match. Even today most of Sabatini’s fans remember her playing style and her spontaneity. It is not often that fans get to see their tennis stars come back on the court after they have been out of it for decades.