Francesca Schiavone and Svetlana Kuznetsova meet makes news everytime

Whenever Francesca Schiavone and Svetlana Kuznetsova meet, one thing that you can be absolutely sure about is that you would not get bored as there would be some majestic tennis on show.

It seems these girls have got the measure of each other. There would rarely be a one sided match when they are on the court.

Yesterday’s outing in the French Open was no exception either. It went all the way down to the wire yet again.

In the third and final set, Kuznetsova came close to winning the match on numerous occasions, but, her veteran opponent was just not ready to throw the towel in.

The intensity that Schiavone played with, you could not make out from outside that she’s approaching her mid thirties.

She was up for the fight every single second and with that sort of hunger and passion, she always had to come on top.

With a superbly timed backhand, the Italian put a full stop on the proceedings which went on for 230 minutes.

7-6, 5-7, 10-8 were the final figures of the match in the favour of Schiavone.

It was still not the longest match played between Kuznetsova and Schiavone though.

The one at Melbourne Park in 2011 was 284-minute long and it was Schiavone who had clinched the match there as well.

In the post match interview, when Schiavone was asked why the two of them always tend to put up such marathon shows, she said, “Maybe we have got the idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each other.” Read more »

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Lin Zhu dont carry sportsman spirit with her

Wins and defeats are parts and parcel of the game, but, the sportsman spirit should always be there. However, a few people quite clearly don’t believe in this and one of them is the emerging youngster from China Miss Lin Zhu.

The other day at Indian wells, Lin Zhu was playing against Francesca Schiavone. In the second set of that match, she was wrongly awarded a point by the chair umpire who was probably not focussed enough on the court proceedings.

But, Lin knew quite well that she did not deserve that point as the ball that she had hit had already touched the ground before going to the other side of the court. But, she preferred keeping silence rather than going to the umpire and tell him what had actually happened.

Schiavone even urged her to admit to the umpire that it was not a fair call, but, the teenager refused. She obviously did not want to lose the opportunity of winning that second set and getting levelled with her much senior opponent.

Schiavone was absolutely furious. She could not believe that Lin was lying plain and simple. She kept telling the Chinese player that what she had done was against the spirit of the game and she should not have done that at all. Read more »

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